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Cloud Data

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You don't have to install any software, all our features are cloub based, working 24/7.



We have a free plan which includes all the features you need.



Our studio use google auth login to manage your channel safely and, for keyword research and tracking, we use our own servers.

Studio Features

Here some of the cool things you can do with our studio! We are also open for new suggestions 🙂

Channel manager

Manage multiple YouTube channels from one dashboard, with advanced features such as auto-reply to user comments.

Rank track

Track the rank of any video, for any keyword and any country. Unlimited and free tracking.


Run auto-comment campaigns, and get more exposure for your channel and more views, subcribers, likes.

Discover videos

Advanced search feature to discover the best performing videos on given keywords and parameters.

Unleak video data

Insert any video ID to get its data, including all the tags being used by the author.

How Can YouBot Studio Help Me?

You can use and merge our studio features for different purposes, which can lead help achieve different goals


What our lucky beta testers say about our studio

YouBot helps me to manage and scale my channel via YouTube automation, for free. I believe this is the best free tool available at this moment for YouTube!
I manage many Youtube channels to send traffic to my affiliate websites. I implemented YouBot inside my marketing strategy and it does its part, by automating stuff which otherwise I could never do.

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